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The two times my phone always dies is when we are camping and when I'm on an airplane. I've just become accustomed to not having my phone in these situations. I really like being able to charge my phone anywhere with this charger. I just toss it in my travel bag and I know I can always charge my phone if I need to. The brighter colors are a nice option so it's easy to spot in your bag. I like the indicator lights on the unit so I know then the charge is getting low and also that your phone is indeed charging. This charger is a must have for traveling!

Colorado Swimmer

I purchased a couple of Pac2Go Mobile Power Charger ( 2600mAh) last year based on the claim from Pac2Go that it will hold the charge for a month without topping up. We ( my wife and I ) had been using them on regular basis and it had became our "standard" equipment. Based on the same principal, I purchased the new 7500mAh of the Mobile Power Charger and left it alone for about 10 days; the full charge held ! I am loving this product and will be using them on vacation and on long flight.

Alex Chan

I travel a lot giving talks with powerpoint slides and videos, and have learned not to rely on local staff to have the A/V setup figured out. This little speaker has become indispensable to me, and I take it on every trip. It's light enough that I don't even notice it in my briefcase, but it's powerful enough that it filled a hotel conference room (30'x30') with crystal clear audio via bluetooth from my laptop.

I also can't say enough about the customer service provided by Pac2Go. I recently ordered a second speaker when the first one stopped working unexpectedly. I sent a message to the company, and got a phone call back *within 3 minutes* saying that they would be happy to replace it. It was in the mail before the end of the day.

Philip Bochanski

Best purchase so far! Have used this product in Japan, Korea, Australia, and Singapore so far. Looking forward to using it in other parts of the world. I trust this product and will buy from them again. Perfect for a military guy or business traveler with lots of electronics. Protective case is an added bonus.

Jon Connolly